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C is for Create

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Student will participate in composing and performing a song based on the action words and story elements in the book “I am not sleepy and will not go to bed.”

Here’s a fun and silly bedtime song to get things started:

1. Remind students of the action verbs and the rhythms created in the class in the previous lesson.

2. Either read the book again, or have the students participate in a “recap” of the events as you turn pages.

3. Divide the class into groups. Encourage each group to create a short song using the story elements and the previously created rhythms as they wish (some classes may need to work in a large group if they are new to this type of Create activity). Students can use instruments in their songs as they desire.

4. Have each group perform their songs. This is a good time to work on being a good audience member. Record the songs for later playback, and as a record of the activity.


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