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S is for Singing!

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Lola, it’s time.

Objective: Students will demonstrate an understanding of triple meter by singing “Lola It’s Time” with the class.

1) Read through “I am not sleepy and I will not go to bed” with the class.

2) Lead a brief class discussion of what their bedtime looks like at home. Do they take a bath at night? Do they sing a special song?

3) Discuss and demonstrate any new or unfamiliar elements in the song. Clap through any unfamiliar rhythms with the class.

4) Divide class in half (not necessarily boys and girls!), and have one half sing the “Charlie” line, and the other sing the “Lola” line.

If time permits:

5) Encourage students to come up with class motions or pantomime: “How would Charlie look when he said this? How would Lola respond here?” This sort of dramatic play gets the student’s whole body involved, and can help them make a more immediate connection to the music. Movement with music will also help students who are unfamiliar with the triple meter to internalize the rhythmic pattern and the different stress-release pattern from a duple meter.


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