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“Start-Me-Up!” Speed Drills for Guitar Class

Start-Me-Up 1

I’ve a few guitar students who are really resisting learning notes on the staff. To help them learn them in a “small bites” format, I’m using these speed drill sheets every day as a sort of class opener. I give them two minutes to fill in what they can, allowing them to look at their guitars or even play the notes, if it helps them, but I’m firm on the time limit.

Start-Me-Up 2

Once the two minutes are up, we go over the sheets together, having them write in or correct what they missed and then we play each note and chord in turn. I try to design each mini-lesson with some items which I’m sure they know and some where I know they’re having trouble, so they can have some success as well as highlighting areas for improvement. We then go on to our normal class period.

Start-Me-Up 1             Start-Me-Up 2

What do you think? Do you have any suggestions? If you like the sheets, feel free to use them. I created them in PowerPoint myself, so they’re mine to give away.