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Flash cards: The Farmer in the Dell

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Farmer in the Dell cards - completedWay back when I was a student teacher (a whole year ago! WOW!), I worked with Mrs. Ruth Crouch at Forest Heights Elementary as my mentor. She had been teaching for years, and had tons of really fabulous resources, one of which was a set of cute cards to help her late-year Kinder students learn “The Farmer in the Dell.” When I started to teach it myself, I realized that a set of my own would be handy, but I couldn’t find one anywhere. “Wa-hey!” I thought, “I know how to use PowerPoint!”

Here’s the result. If you like ’em, feel free to download them and use them in your classroom. I’m using the most commonly used U.S. version of this very old song, with the sequence of 1) farmer, 2) wife, 3) child, 4) nurse (I used a “nanny” image), 5) cow, 6) dog, 7) cat, 8) mouse, and 9) cheese.

What to do with these? Well, of course, you can hold them up and use them as reminders after you teach the song itself. But why stop there? Kindergarteners LOVE repetition, so why not let them take turns, singing it a few times a day, until every student has had a turn holding the cards? Or maybe pass out the cards and have the student who has each one stand up and show it when it’s their part of the song? It could be useful for introducing the game to have them hold the cards and hand the card to the one they choose for the next character.

Here’s an opportunity for solo singing! Make up a version to be sung just by the one who’s “it” at the time: “Nancy is the cat, oh, Nancy is the cat! I am the dog, and Nancy is the cat.” – or something. Anyway, it’s here for your use and free to download or modify or do whatever you like, except sell it, of course.

About the cards: They’re set up for 5 x 7, since I had a bunch of laminator pockets that size, and print 2 per page. The images are all free-use clip art, and are black and white. They were kind of fun to color for me while I “watched” TV, but if you have a good color-er in your life, by all means, let them do it! Enjoy!

Farmer in the Dell cards


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